California starts teaching LGBT history!

When recommends you to travel and have a fantastic gay vacation or a weekend getaway, California is always high on our list: fantastic beaches, sprawling megalopolises of LA and San Francisco, incredible wine and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world are just a part of its charm. But California is going a strep further (in the right direction) – it’s going to start teaching LGBT history in schools!

During July, State Board of Education of Golden State approved some changes to the curriculum to include important persons and events from LGBT history. Kids and young teens are going to learn lessons appropriate for their age, and in higher classes they’ll be learning about Harvey Milk, for example.

We are proud to represent a diverse state, and we are proud that this framework reflects the state that we serve” said Lauryn Wild, who specializes in curriculum in Southern California. The new curriculum comes from Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Act – California law from 2012 which mandates better representation of the LGBT community and other minorities in history, social and civic lessons.


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