Biggest summer gay party: Ibiza!

Looking for an exotic place where you can spend a week or two with your darling from If you two are out of ideas for summer vacation, we’re more than happy to oblige: you can visit Canary Islands, there’s always Sitges, but Ibiza is one and only!

Circuit Party Ibiza – the crowd is huge ‘n’ the guys are hot!

This year Ibiza is hosting a Circuit Party: that’s one of the biggest open-air gay parties in Europe and probably the biggest gay party on any island in the world. It’s going to last 4 days (from August 18th till 21st) and includes beach parties, clubbing, after-parties and whatnot!

All you need to do is to find someone who’s ready to travel with you, pack your bags and go! There’s no telling what might happen under the warm sun of Ibiza: summer romance, true love or just awful lot of dancing, drinking and nights to remember!

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