Singapore sling: Best gay bars! (I)

Have you had a chance to visit Singapore? This jewel of Asia is the world’s biggest island city-state, boasting with high economy, low unemployment and some of the most fantastic sites in this part of the world. If you ever happen to find yourself in Singapore (courtesy of and your gallant man), you’d do well to visit some of these well-known gay bars and have fun!

Tantric Bar & May Wong's Cafe

Tantric Bar & May Wong’s Cafe

Tantric Bar is one of the best known gay bars in Singapore: it’s big, it’s crowded, it has excellent drinks; it’s also a home to Bluespin, a cocktail they invented!

May Wong’s Cafe

So don’t get confused – May Wong’s Cafe is located directly above Tantric Bar, so sometimes people think they’re one and the same. More of a white-collar place, it’s still great if you want to wine and dine before you head out to more wild clubs!


Taboo is one of the most popular gay clubs in Singapore: huge dance floor and regular drag shows make it a must-visit destination for any gay tourist!

Taboo – regular drag shows!

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