Tropical Heat: Biggest gay party in Key West!

Travelling with to some place where it’s warm, sunny and there are plenty of beaches is easy… but this time you should set your sights to Key West! This jewel of Florida will soon be a host to one of the biggest gay parties in this part of the world: Tropical Heat!

There isn’t a party like this anywhere else!

Pack your bags, bring your tanning lotion and best swimwear, because from August 11th until 15th Key West is going to become one huge open air gay club! You can check out the full schedule here, but we can tell you right away: pool parties full of hottest guys, coupled with cold drinks and some excellent music – what more could you possibly ask for?

So, get ready to be entertained – and bear in mind that some of these parties are adult-themed, so leave prudence at home and bring your diving equipment!


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