Mr Gay Scotland loses title!

Well, you won’t be seeing this (above) picture any time soon – because Jamie Love, reigning Mr Gay Scotland, has been stripped of his title! This beautiful young contestant from Edinburgh lost its title because he refused to participate in Mr Gay Europe.

Apparently, Jamie was ordered to visit the West Lothian and attend a gay pride bash – but he refused because they wouldn’t cover up his travel costs. “I was asked to support young LGBTI people in Scotland at a voluntary event called West Lothian Pride this weekend, when Mr Gay Europe is taking place. I expected Mr Gay Europe to support me in attending this. When I told them that I would not be attending the competition they basically said, ‘cool, give back your sash!

Jamie’s manager commented: “Mr Gay Europe weren’t giving Jamie any promotion on their social media, they weren’t promoting us. He was asked to do West Lothian Pride event, and he thought, ‘I’d rather do that’.

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