Harvey Milks gets his own ship in the US Navy!

You remember who Harvey Milk is, right? He was the first elected official who was also openly gay – his struggle in San Francisco was well documented before his death at the hands of Dan White, another city official. His life was presented in a biopic “Milk” where he was played by Sean Penn. But how news is getting around that he’s getting a ship named after him!

Even though the whole thing isn’t official yet, the some information were leaked to the press: Ray Mabus, Navy Secretary signed an order to rename Military Sealift Command fleet oiler into USNS Harvey Milk.

One of the classmates of Harvey Milk (who was 48 at the time of his murder) stated: “It’s a remarkable thing that they’re naming a ship after him because when I knew Harvey, nobody knew he was gay and he hid it from everyone. The acceptance of the LGBT community has come a long way in the past few years. That’s a tremendous development and Harvey is responsible for that shift because he was a pioneer. The fact that the military is naming a ship after him is the most remarkable development of all.

The Navy, hottest branch of military

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