Hilton’s gay ad shocks conservatives!

When you’re traveling in style (thanks to yec.com, hopefully), one of the best hotels you can stay in are the Hilton hotels. These luxury hotels have been the leader of tourism industry since a few decades back, and in recent years they’ve been warming up to LGBT market and the pink dollar. So – it’s no wonder that Hilton had an ad targeting gay guys who want to travel with luxury.

It’s just an ad featuring two guys enjoying in bed on the cover of Travel & Leisure magazine. Unfortunately, conservative watchdogs and right wing groups like AFA (American Family Association) lost their minds and reacted like this: “Travel and Leisure isn’t a gay-specific magazine sent directly to homosexual’s homes. It’s a widely distributed mainstream publication that can be found in many public places such as doctors’ or auto repair waiting rooms. If Hilton had advertised two men playing tennis, cards, or having lunch, that would have been reasonable. However, Hilton chose to make a cultural and social statement by purposely marketing the promotion of homosexuality to a large segment of the population who finds the idea of two men sleeping together unnatural and offensive.”

It seems that Hilton isn’t really concerned with what AFA or right wing groups have to say.

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