Hottest gay athletes: Tom Daley!

Have you felt the Olympic fever? If you suddenly have the urge to travel to Brazil or some other country which has fantastic beaches and amazing culture – is here to help! And while you’re looking for your travel partner, check out Tom Daley who just won a gold at the Rio Olympics!

This young buck (he was born in 1994) is representing United Kingdom – and he had a lot of success so far: since his career started in 2005, he has had numerous gold, silver and bronze medals for his diving, and is considered to be one of the top divers of his generation. A few days ago, he won a gold medal at Rio Olympics in the category Men’s 10m Synchronized!

Tom came out in 2013 YouTube video:

Daley is also in a committed relationship with the filmmaker Dustin Lance Black – they even got engaged in 2014 and published it in the Times!

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