Best fan-fiction gay romances! (I)

Nope, they don’t qualify – we’re talking about fan fiction here!

When we’re talking about a romance, there are so many ways to find it ( being a good example – it’s great for both travelling and dating). But there are some romantic pairings which aren’t actually gay, but the fans are so loud and demanding that there is a bunch of fan-fic materials out there dealing with the subject!

Sam and Frodo

Lord of the Rings served as an inspiration for countless writers and producers, but Sam and Frodo’s gay romance was one of the first prominent fan fiction gay romances in history. The fact that there aren’t any mentions of romance between them in the books didn’t stop the fans from speculating (and making a ton of additional materials).

Draco and Harry

Harry Potter books helped revitalized the fantasy genre, but they also brought numerous memorable characters; and even though Dumbledore was retconned to be gay in author’s statement (and that fact was later included in the expanded Potterverse), fans loved Draco and Harry romance better.

Kirk and Spock

Back in the days of the old, when there was no Internet and TV reigned supreme, came Star Trek… now called TOS (The Original Series, abbreviated as ST:TOS); it included an ensemble cast which would serve as a basis for several successful movies, TV shows and a mega-huge franchise of books, toys, games and whatnot. And amidst all of that, Kirk and Spock had their gay moments, though it would be more accurate to call it a bromance made in an era where there even weren’t African Americans in prominent roles on mainstream TV.

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