Best fan-fiction gay romances! (II)

Not fan-fiction, but still the kings of gay marriage on prime time TV!

Are you a sucker for fan fiction? And you can’t resist a good ol’ gay romance? No one can – but you can find your real romance on! Meanwhile, check out these incredible gay romances brought to life by fan fiction!

Sherlock and John

Benedict Cumberbatch’s incarnation of Sherlock has so many nuances and finesse that the fans immediately started speculating about his and Watson’s possible romance.

Cap and Bucky

Bucky Barnes and Captain America… where to start? Fans even mounted a campaign and hashtag #givecaptainamericaaboyfriend was even a thing for a while… Truth to be told, there are some hints of something stronger than a bromance between Captain and Bucky – but maybe that’s just his sense of justice!

Finn and Poe

We wrote a couple of times about the alleged gay romance between Finn and Poe (it ain’t gonna happen in mainstream universe, we got it) – but even the official rebuttal from the producers did little to stop the fans from making it happen in cyber space!

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