Gay Ski Week: NZ edition!

If you are hoping to escape the summer heat and head somewhere where it’s really cool and cold – well, do you know that it’s actually winter in the southern hemisphere? It might not be snowing non stop, but the lands down under (Australia and New Zealand) are not having a heatwave, and now is the perfect time for that guy and yourself to pack your bags for the Gay Ski Week!

Gay Ski Week – hot guys in cold snow!

We wrote about a few gay ski weeks some time ago – they’re mostly held in Europe and America. But New Zealand is a force to be reckoned with: from fantastic natural landscapes to incredible and friendly people, you can relax and enjoy in LotR-like scenery while you’re sipping your cocktails! And if you’re a fan of skiing and all things winter, double the fun: Gay Ski Week in Queenstown starts on August 27th and ends of September 4th!

Parties, warm drinks, cold drinks, hot guys… need we say more? Pack those bags and get ready to go!

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