Presenting Mr Gay China!

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China is a beautiful place to visit, and it is always high on’s and practically everyone’s bucket lists – but it’s not exactly known to be the most welcoming country when we’re talking about gay rights. But winds of change are blowing (no pun intended) everywhere, and China is no exception: the country just had its first Mr Gay contest! While the first Mr Gay was banned back in 2010, this year no one from the authorities opposed the event.


Meng Fanyu became the first even Mr Gay China – citing that “Something like this event is a great platform to raise awareness of the LGBT community, many people don’t really know what LGBT is, and coming out can still be difficult, so you really have to prove yourself to be an upstanding person.”


This beautiful and proud 27 year old man has expressed his desire to participate in the international Mr Gay competition – and judging by his looks, he’s going to have a lot of success there!

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