Hail Canada: Hottest cocktails in Vancouver!

Vancouver: hot Canucks all over the place

Let us be honest: when it comes to travelling, Canada is a safe bet. It might not bear the excitement of Maspalomas or the discreet charm of Berlin, but you know you’ll have a great time in Canada: it’s huge, beautiful, accepting and warm (even if only at heart, cause winters there can get quite chilly). And one of everyone’s favorite cities in Canada is Vancouver – we recently covered it’s Gay Pride Parade – and this summer Vancouver has some hot new cocktails you need to turn your attention to! Of course, if you want to visit Cadana, yec.com is always there for you!

Kumbaya at Royal Dinette

Royal Dinette has this fantastic new cocktail: burnt marshmallow + Amaro Montenegro + cedar bitters? It might sound like a lot, but it’s tasty beyond words!


Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar is gay friendly and serves some amazing cocktails (not to mention their heavenly food) – but the 4th coast is amidst the best!

Canadian Tuxedo

We’ve heard that the best Canadian Tuxedo is served at L’Abattoir – and it’s a no brainer, since both the cocktail and restaurant have something French Canadian in them.


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