Hottest gay athletes: Josh Dixon!

With Rio Olympics and all, everyone is in the mood for some sports – and is joining the fray by giving you some of the hottest out and proud gay athletes! And who can be hotter than a gymnast? They’re buff but not too buff, well defined, cute, and work hard to achieve their dreams. And nobody knows that better than Joshua Dixon!

Coming out was necessary in accepting who I was and I couldn’t grow as a person, in and outside the sporting world, unless I did so. It wasn’t really a question of where I was in my gymnastics career, it was more or less a decision to be a role model and to say, “You know, it’s okay to be yourself, and to be yourself in the sporting world.

Joshua is an Olympic athlete who worked hard to get to the top of male gymnastics – and he always had support from his teammates and friends, before and after he came out.

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