LGBT in 2016 cinema!

ParaNorman’s staple gay character stirred a lot of attention back in the days.

From “give captain America a boyfriend” to straight-washing of Deadpool; from Tarzan’s cut gay kiss to Pixar movies – what has 2016 brought us so far regarding gay characters in mainstream live action and animated cinema?

Kate McKinnon played a lesbian character on the new Ghostbusters; while the studio ultimately decided to cut any referenced to her character’s sexuality, it was confirmed in the interviews.

Even if it’s one of those “blink and you’ll miss it”, Finding Dory indeed featured a lesbian couple.

Independence Day: Resurgence had a surprising gay couple – Brent Spinner was revealed to be alive and in a happy gay relationship. While the guy on the left doesn’t make it to the end, it’s a nice touch to include them in such a big production.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 outed cousin Angelo as gay. It was an entertaining and heartwarming scene.

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