Flashback: Gay Pride parades!

In the bigger cities of America and Europe, Gay Pride parades are practically a commonplace – they attract both straight and LGBT people, boost tourism, offer a chance to party for a few days and run around shirtless (if you’ve got the guts to do it). But it’s always good to look back and check out how it was back in the ’80-es!

Early Prides back in the days.

While thanks to yec.com you can travel to different cities and countries, participating in various pride parades, it’s important to notice that prides were quite a bit different back in the ’70-es – and during the late ’80-es and early ’90-es started becoming the cheerful, colorful and fun celebrations as we know them today.

Moustache and lack of tattoos.

Amateur photographer Alan Light took quite a few photos of those early “modern” prides: “It never occurred to me at the time that they would be looked at as history, or that they could one day I could share them easily and widely on something called the internet. I was just attracted to the rich photographic opportunities the events offered. Pride seemed like a huge event then, but looking back it is quaint compared to those of today. Also, nobody then had tattoos.”

It’s not a pride without beefcakes!

Shirtless muscle guys: always welcome on Pride!

Drag identity was always part of the Pride.

Spandex tights and strangely cut shorts: Pride during late ’80-es.

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