ST Discovery: New gay character!?

New Star Trek series – scheduled to premiere in 2017 and named “Discovery” – is already gaining momentum and attention. From the haphazardly made trailer which caused quite a stir in the Trekkie community: from praise to accusations that the design is wrong, and the fact that it will be set in the “main” universe (not following the parallel time line which the last three movies are covering), fans are in fear that it will spell doom for Star Trek franchise.

Much-debated design of the new NCC

But still, there is a but of good news coming from the production: new ST Discovery show will have a female lead (remember Voyager and trigger-happy Janeway?) and definitely have a new, original gay character! That means no retcons, no changes and making an existing, loving character to be gay – it means that we’ll have an original character who will definitely be LGBT!

Not so elegant as its predecessors, but at least we’re getting a gay character!

Showrunner Bryan Fuller stated: “We wanted to paint a picture of Star Fleet that’s indicative of encountering people who are much more different than we are.”

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