Queensland allows gay couples to adopt!

We all love Australia, that beautiful land down under – not to mention its fantastic beaches and hot guys! That’s why it’s great to travel there thanks to yec.com – but this time, we’re not doing a piece on Australian beaches, but on Aussie legislation – Queensland will allow adoption by same-sex couples!

Other Australian states like New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and Western Australia have already changed their laws and allowed same-sex couples to legally adopt a child. Queensland stood as one last state which hasn’t done that, but community minister Shannon Fentiman stated: “It is about time that Queensland caught up with other Australian states and territories to allow same sex couples to adopt children in Queensland. I am very excited that our review of the Adoption Act saw an overwhelming response from the Queensland community supporting same-sex adoption.

Queensland's beaches and other natural wonders!

Queensland’s beaches and other natural wonders!

This is significant law reform in Queensland, it is law reform I am proud of. I absolutely believe that Queensland should come into line with other states and territories and allow same-sex couples to adopt.

Rainbow flag in the parliament during voting to reinstate civil unions

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