Speedy cooking: Make him something in a hurry!

Listen carefully, yec.com travelers, because this is something that every guy in love should know! It’s easy to make an international breakfast when you have plenty of time and energy – but what happens when you have some people (or just one special guy) coming over suddenly and you have to prep appetizers in a hurry? Nightmare scenario involved you being his guest and his friends coming over – so you’ll have extra pressure on your shoulders. But not to worry, because our handy list of super quick appetizers will save your behind every time!

Baked cheese with jam and crackers

Just put the brie in the oven for 5-10 minutes, arrange some crackers and delicious jam and let the guests do the heavy lifting!

Bacon wraps

You could literally wrap bacon around stones and sell it as a new dish, but let us not go that far: dried fruits (prunes, apricots, pears and whatnot) will serve as a base while you wrap delicious bacon around them… and then tell everyone it’s a healthy meal!

Grilled mini sandwiches

If you have leftover bread, some cheese and anything for a filling (meat, pickles, peppers, olives), just make grilled mini sandwiches! They’re going to be a delicious addition to your unexpected gathering, and look like you’ve put a lot of effort in them (while in reality it took you 5 minutes to prepare them).

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