Time for hotness: Gay rugby!

We’ve all heard of rugby – but you’re probably mistaking it for the so called American football, the soft version which includes shoulder pads and chest protectors. The original version comes from England and players wear short shorts and tight shirts, trying to wrestle the ball away from other big, hunky guys. And if you’re thinking that’s the dream coming true, wait until you hear this: there’s a gay rugby club called Kings Cross Steelers and they’ve just stripped almost naked and posed for the camera!

The idea behind the whole stripping and posing is to commemorate the club’s 20th anniversary – 29 best looking guys have decided to show their goods and to lift our spirits (and perhaps something else)!

We’ve written about London before, but this is one more reason to find that cute Brit on yec.com and book your flight to the UK – take a look at these hunks and tell us what you think!

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