Summer problems: Body image!

Every year there comes a time where we have to face with every bad choice we made: from that extra piece of cake we took for Easter to gorging on taffy or candy or just some sugary delight… and that time is called summer! Unless you’re living in Iceland where you don’t have to wear speedos in July at the beach, chances are you’ll be strutting the beach with your (boy)friend (get one at if you’re currently single). But we all have our doubts and fears when it comes to body image, especially because the media portray the gays as chiseled, perfect muscle gods who look good in any occasion. Take a look at these Whisper stories and see that you’re not alone in your fears – which are completely unfounded, because we’re all unique and beautiful, and everyone deserves a chance to love and be loved.

Im Gay and can't get close to a guy because I'm so self conscious about my body, size, appearance etc. I feel like I'm expected to look like a 10 .. but I'm not
I'm a gay guy and I hate when other guys tell me to shave my body just because they don't think I should be hairy. Everybody has a right to do what they want with their bodies.
I hate being self conscious about how I look. It seems like every gay guy is hotter than me and therefore out of my league.
I'm gay, I don't have the picture perfect body, and I feel like gay guys a re so shallow. I deserve to be loved for more than just my body but I feel hopeless
Tired of getting rejected  by men just because of  my body, even by guys just as chubby as me. Gay men are worse than women.  I'm working on my weight but they can't change  their bad personalities
why does every gay guy I talk to seem interested until they see my body. it's not like I'm fat. isn't there any hot non judgemental gay guys out there?
Having a twink body type  I feel like I've been doomed to be a bottom forever  and that's not what I want.
I always felt confident about my body shape until I started seeing how the muscle gay guy is glorified in the community. I'm just a skinny guy hiding behind the crowd
I'm insecure about my  body because I'm very skinny and pale. And being gay makes it worse because we're expected  to be attractive.
I don't know what to do with my body. I'm skinny-fat now, but I could either be a twink or a lean guy.  I really wish the gay community wasn't so shallow and superficial.

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