Happy Gay Uncles Day!

Have you ever heard of the “Gay Uncles Day”? It’s a relatively new thing – but it’s been gaining momentum quickly in recent years. Every August 14th people are reminded that some of us are gay, and some of us are gay and uncles – and Twitter made a splash this year with its #guncles and #guncle hashtags (portmanteau of gay and uncle) which exhibited love and care we all feel for our nephews and nieces!

It’s nice to see that gay uncles are getting more respect and love than ever – and if you want to extend your family and find that special someone – yec.com is always there for you!

Apparently yesterday was #gayunclesday and I didn't want to miss out

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Aug 14th was #gayunclesday #saysFBnewsfeed #whynot #noyoudontgetapresentscotty @smalltownscott

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