Happy Gay Uncles Day!

Have you ever heard of the “Gay Uncles Day”? It’s a relatively new thing – but it’s been gaining momentum quickly in recent years. Every August 14th people are reminded that some of us are gay, and some of us are gay and uncles – and Twitter made a splash this year with its #guncles and #guncle hashtags (portmanteau of gay and uncle) which exhibited love and care we all feel for our nephews and nieces!

I've seen a few post today wanting to make August 14 "Gay Uncles Day" or "Guncles Day" what do you think?

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The cutest little girl you ever did see. #guncle lol

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It’s nice to see that gay uncles are getting more respect and love than ever – and if you want to extend your family and find that special someone – yec.com is always there for you!

Apparently yesterday was #gayunclesday and I didn't want to miss out

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Aug 14th was #gayunclesday #saysFBnewsfeed #whynot #noyoudontgetapresentscotty @smalltownscott

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Best Guncles Day ever! (And not just because this is the first time there's been one. Lol)

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