Will WWE have a gay character?

Yes, we know that WWE has Darren Young, an absolute openly gay hunk slash wrestler – but it seems that the winds of change are blowing (no pun intended!) in WWE! Recently Stephanie McMahon, who is both a character in WWE shows and their chief branding officer, stated that: “When it makes sense … absolutely we will integrate LGBT storylines into our programming.”

Darren Young

While WWE has been criticized in the past about their treatment of sensitive issues, Young’s coming out was very much supported by the company and fans alike; though, truth to be told, Young’s statements aimed against performing in countries with harsh treatment of LGBT minority haven’t exactly been warmly accepted.

Will the fans accept new stories?

McMahon also added: “Throughout my life I have grown up knowing gay [WWE] superstars and executives. It’s always been accepted, but now it’s about getting that message out there.”

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