Happily ever after: Tom Bosworth proposes!

Remember that cute Olympian Tom Bosworth? He’s a race walker (that’s why he’s so lanky – we do hope his husband will cook a bit more for him) for the UK, one of the tree best long-run walkers Britain ever had! He also happens to be gay… and now he’s about to get married!

Tom asked his boyfriend Harry Dineley on the beaches of Rio (where the Olympics are still under way) to marry him – and Harry replied with a booming “YES”. When Tom came out, he stated: “It is a big decision, but it’s not going to change my life. I’m comfortable and have been in a happy relationship for the last four and a half years. This isn’t going to shock anybody that knows me. But to speak out about this, as a sportsperson, it is still news. In a few years time, anyone [will be able] to do this. Anyone can succeed in sport. And then hopefully it won’t be news anymore.”


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