Best museums around the world: State Hermitage!

You got to admit one thing about Russia – when they do something, they do it big! We’ve already covered Moscow and things to see and do there – but we cannot forget State Hermitage (for those of you who know Russian: Gosudárstvennyj Ermitáž), one of the biggest and best museums in the world! If you love to immerse yourself in culture and art, the procedure is simple: long on to, find a guy who’s also a museum fan and arrange a trip to Sankt Petersburg!

Splendor and art: Hermitage museum!

Hermitage was founded by Catherine the Great back in 1764 – but it’s been opened for public since 1852. It houses countless collections in six buildings, but only a smart part of all the items kept is on public display; the collections are simply too huge to be displayed all at once. For instance, Hermitage’s painting collection is the largest in the world!

Biggest paintings collection in the world!

Biggest paintings collection in the world!

In fact, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • paintings 16 903
  • graphic works 622 452
  • sculptures 12 798
  • works of applied art 357 725
  • archaeological artefacts 751 045
  • numismatic objects 1 122 769
  • rare books 341
  • arms and armoury 13 954
  • documents 56 899
  • history of technology and techniques objects 3017
  • printed materials 270
  • other items 147 898
Amazing interior!

Amazing interior!

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