Sainsbury kissathon: Don’t throw out the gays!

Thomas Rees

Thomas Rees

When Thomas Rees and Joshua Bradwell held hands at the London Sainsbury, they were doing what any other couple might be doing in public: showing affection for each other. But some more conservative minds were, gasp, shocked by the fact that two guys are holding hands together, and they were asked to leave the store because of their “inappropriate behavior”.

Customers were complaining about their behavior, so security had to react and escort Thomas (32) and Joshua out: “We paid for the items and then once we’d done that he kind of beckoned us over and asked to follow him outside and at that point he explained that a customer had complained about our ‘inappropriate behaviour’ or that we’d been touching each other inappropriately. There was so much wrong in that situation, particularly for it to be happening in 2016, that I was unable to articulate to him how angry I was. Yes I’m a gay man and if I want to hold my boyfriend’s hand I’m going to damn well hold my boyfriend’s hand.



The incident sparked a protest, a so-called “kissathon” outside and inside of Sainsbury store which attracted more than 200 people! “When your community come behind and say ‘you were right and you are right’, all that does is amplify your feelings. We were right to complain and do what we’ve done and fight those people who said we were wrong.


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