What gay couples do: Double trouble!

When you’re single, things are a bit easier: you out there on the dating market, trying to find that soul mate of yours, going on dates… it’s a process (a process where yec.com comes in handy if you want to both date and travel) – but when you’re a couple, a whole new set of problems arises!

Check out these hilarious videos – weird things that gay couples do in public and in private; truth to be told, we honestly believe that most couples do these things, because when we’re relaxed and safe in our homes we can drink water right out of the tap or take a bite of that leftover pizza without judgment.

The same goes for the next video:

But not for this one: from gaybies to old favorite “who’s the girl” to invitations to pride parade, surrogate parenting and fashion advices, gay couples have to deal with an incredible set of questions!

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