Home vandalized? Neighbors to the rescue!

Cari and Lauri Ryding have been living in Natick, Massachusetts for years – and after Orlando shooting, these two lovely ladies decided to put a pride flag on their house to show support for LGBT community. Unfortunately, after they’ve enjoyed their vacation, they came back only to discover that their house was egged (that’s when you vandalize the house by throwing eggs at the facade) and their pride flag has been stolen.

Cari and Lauri

Cari and Lauri

Cari was devastated at first: “It was our first experience in Natick of having any type of prejudice. We hadn’t experienced it all, and it kind of broke open our little cocoon.”

But then something else happened – their neighbors decided they don’t like to see anyone’s home vandalized; they took a bunch of pride flags from Rainbow Peace Flag Project, local organization that gives them for free. Pretty soon, their neighborhood was covered in rainbow flags, hanging from front porches, garage doors and back yards! How cool is that?

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