Accidentally out: Polish TV journalist outed through Roxette video!

Chances are that you haven’t heard of Jakub Hajduk, a TV journalist from Poland. But recently his coming out story went viral after completely by chance!

Jakub and his boyfriend were vacationing at the Baltic coast, and they’ve decided to make a lip sync Roxette video (the song in question is “Some other summer”). It all went really well, but then their video was accidentally shared by Roxette on their Facebook page – and it had more than 2 million likes!

Jakub stated: “My friends’ reaction was fantastic. I was afraid a bit because you know it’s Poland, but we had only positive feedback from our friend. All my life I really cared what people say. What my parents say, what my friends say and I had to keep my private life in the dark. Nowadays I really learnt not to care. Coming out for both of us it was like making ourselves free. Instead of being afraid that someone find out who we are, now we want to be proud of who we are.”


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