Gays in education: Gay teachers!

If you’ve had a chance to work in the education system, you know how demanding and difficult it can be: you bear the burden of education the next generations and opening the world to them. But what happens if you’re gay and teaching? Take a look at what Whisper stories have to say! And if you don’t have a cute, bespectacled, well read guy by your side – you can find one at!

Came out to my class yesterday because one of my students was being bullied by another for being gay. Bully got sent home by the principal and my students clapped for me.
I'm a gay teacher and one of my students' dad hit on me during a conference. Secretly I wanted to give in but I know that would be the wrong move.
I'm gay and one of my students saw me outside the classroom with my boyfriend. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be.
I'm a gay teacher and I'm afraid of what will happen when the Catholic school I work at finds out I'm getting married soon.
I'm a teacher who is also gay. My job is to hopefully teach the next generation to love instead of hate.
One of my students wrote me a letter saying he knows I'm gay and that I've given him the strength to push through and come out to his parents and not feel ashamed.
I'm a gay teacher. And all my students want to set me up with female teachers or their mothers.
As a gay teacher, the students are totally supportive and accepting. My fellow teachers are another story...
I'm a gay teacher and I'm terrified my students or their parents will hate me if I come out. BUT this year I'm not hiding!
I'm a gay special education teacher. My sexuality has nothing to do with my job. I get along with my students great.
My students have spent a large part of the school year trying to figure out who I'm dating. I'm gay and now they know. I was never hiding to begin with


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