Dolly Parton: “Don’t Live Your Life in Darkness”

Singer, songwriter, actor, producer, legend – that’s Dolly Parton! Country singer with a heart of gold and a mile long discography recently spoke out about her experiences with family members who are gay. The singer, who grew up in Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, loves her LGBT fans. “In my early days we did not know (what gay was). It didn’t take me long to know that people were different and that was always fine with me, I was different too, and I embraced and accepted them and I knew them. I knew them well.”

I have a huge gay and lesbian following and I’m proud of ’em, I love ’em and I think everybody should be themselves and be allowed to be themselves whoever they are, whatever they are.”

I certainly know that the gay people I know are the most sensitive and most caring of all. I think they go through so much that they have to live with their feelings on their sleeve. They’ve had to go through so much that I think they’re very emotional and tenderhearted and more open to feelings, so I’ve just learned the same things I try to learn from everybody. I know they’re good people and I’ve tried to learn from that as well. Most of the gays I know just want to make the world a more beautiful place like I do.”

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