Humor? There gay jokes might be old…


It’s getting more and more difficult to hear a good gay joke in mainstream TV and movies: times have changed, and some people think it’s tasteless or homophobic when you make a gay joke. But check out some of the funniest moments in TV and movies that involve gay and lesbian references – of course, it’s best to enjoy them with a cute guy whom you can find on!

This one’s a classic: Homer is worried that Bart might be gay, and he takes him to the most heterosexual place he can think of: a steel mill. But what he finds there is more confusing than ever…

We all loved Golden Girls – and while this joke might come off as both homophobic and a bit of racist, it’s still undoubtedly funny! It shows how far we’ve progressed (at least on TV) in the last few decades.

Quick humor is what made Community so popular – but this time it’s funnier than ever!


ParaNorman’s last scene caused quite a stir back in the day – Mitch was the first gay character is a mainstream children’s movie.

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