Wrong guys to have a crush on!

Have you ever had a crush on some hot guy, only to turn out he’s straight? We’ve all been there – it’s getting more and more difficult to navigate the murky waters of social and sexual relations – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh or shed a tear at these confessions from Whisper!

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I hate having a crush on a straight guy, he's so sweet and kind and perfect. Why do I get my hopes up when I don't ever have a chance?
The straight guy I've been crushing on super hard kissed me last night after dumping his girlfriend earlier that day. I feel like I'm in a 90s movie <3
I have a crush on my "straight" guy friend and I am sitting here hoping he is in the closet
Falling in love with a straight guy is a bad idea..always will be..but he has a part of my heart
As a gay guy having a crush on a straight guy, knowing you two will never happen is just too painful in the gut
I'm gay.  I'm scared that if a straight guy knew I had a crush on him, it would ruin our friendship even if he's not a homophobe.
It hurts when you have a crush on a straight guy. it makes you wish you weren't  gay, so you don't have to through the pain of knowing that you can't get the person you love.
The worst part of falling in love with a straight guy is when you see him kiss her
I'm gay and I messed up so bad by falling for a straight guy. Nothing hurts quite as bad as having to break your own heart before the person you love has a chance to.
When I have a crush on a straight guy, I'm a kinda ashamed. I respect a persons sexuality, but straight guys still get mad about that sort of thing :/

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