Bryan Hawn: Hot and talented!


We all know of Bryan Hawn – you haven’t heard about him? He tried to become Ellen’s next gardener but lost to hunky Billy Reilich – but we loved his entertainment (and especially his bee-hind, claimed to be the most beautiful on the planet – we tend to agree). In addition to his numerous YouTube videos, Bryan has done extensive modelling work and is a self-proclaimed celebrity. Now we have another reason to write about him – he released some hilarious parodies!

Katy Perry released a song about surviving the competition of the Olympics. The video draws awareness that the competition is not the only thing they should be surviving, but also survive the mosquitoes. It is a bit humorous that the most athletic athletes in the world are sent into a deadly mosquito infested location to compete. Glad I could clear up for you what seemed to be obvious to everyone else. For everyone emailing me about my ASS workout, here is the link. It contains the 3 best exercises for an perfect ass including one I invented myself ;) ENJOY

We just can't get enough of this magnificence!

We just can’t get enough of this magnificence!

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