First gay wedding in Rome!

Italy is slowly but surely becoming a part of the group of countries which allow same-sex partnerships – during this year, Italian government and parliament approved same-sex partnerships as a part of their pre-election promises. But this time, the news is a bit more cheerful than politics and struggle – first same-sex wedding in Rome just took place!

The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi officiated the first ever same-sex wedding between Luca de Sario, 30, and Francisco Raffaele Villarusso, 43. The guys planned to wed in Spain (since Italy is the last EU country to recognize same-sex unions), but changed their opinion after the appropriate laws were passed.

We had already decided do it and we moved abroad, but when the bill was approved we packed up all our things and came back to Italy,” Villarusso stated. Well, we wish them all the happiness in the world – they’ve deserved it after along struggle to get their rights!

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