Locker room secrets: Whisper confessions!

It doesn’t matter if you occasionally visit your gym to stay healthy or you’re a full blown gym bunny – it’s always nice to ogle at hot guys in the locker room! Here are some of the most interesting Whisper confessions from fellow gay men who did some forbidden, but highly pleasurable things in the locker rooms of their gyms!

I had sex in the locker room before practice with a soccer player
Once I was having sex with my bf in the school locker room and his whole football team walked in!
I look at guys in the locker room at the gym. See if they look back. Some do but never approach.
My friend and I (both straight) were curious about gay sex. So we experimented together in the locker room at school . It was honestly so good!
I look very focused at the gym, and I am.  I'm very focused on which guys I want to have an orgy with in the locker room.
I try to sneak as many glances at other guys packages as I can in the locker room.
I hooked up with a guy at the gym this morning in locker room it was hot and the thought of getting caught made it even more exciting


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