Don’t feel like wearing pants? Go to subway!

Have you ever heard of the No Pants Day and No Pants Subway Ride? The very first No Pants Subway Ride started way back in 2002, with just seven people who decided to ride the subway with no pants, showing off their underwear.

During the years, both manifestations grew in size and now more than a dozen major cities in Americas have their own no pants day – these usually have a coordinator and are scheduled in advance. The most recent way New York subway ride, staged by Improv Everywhere.

So, if you happen to find a guy on who lives in one of the major cities, check with him if he were ever a participant of No Pants Subway Ride – it’s a fun and crazy activity! And even if he wasn’t a part, maybe you can schedule your visit to coincide with the event so you can ogle at hot guys in their underwear for free!

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