Adrian De Berardinis: Naked chef!

What is it with Italians and food? There is some sort of special connection going on there, but we’ll not investigate further because we’re hooked on tiramisu! Jokes aside, Italians are known to be hot Mediterranean guys who make excellent wines and delicious food, and Adrian is here to prove us right!

Adrian De Berardinis is a bear/bare chef who just started his own YouTube channel about cooking. Nothing remarkable about that, right? When you have Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver on every TV station, there’s nothing special about an Italian dude cooking.

Except that he’s doing it naked.

Our new favorite chef!

Our new favorite chef!

It’s a win-win situation: if you’re not interested in cooking, you can watch a hot Italian guy, and if you like to experiment in the kitchen, try his Hunter’s chicken recipe – it’s his family secret recipe so we’re quite happy Adrian decided to share it with the world. Again, naked!

And if you’re interested in finding Italian guys, is the right place to start!

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