Autumn reading: Best books for the fall!

Between sending messages on and brewing a warm cocoa (or something stronger, like mulled wine), winter is perfect for you to catch up on your reading – and here’s our list of winter reading materials with gay topics!

Kept Boy by Robert Rodi

This is an oldie but goodie – first published in 1996, Rodi’s novel about a pampered boyfriend (though we’re stretching the term here – boy toy might be a better name) of a wealthy businessman who suddenly loses everything is still fresh as it was when it came out. Dennis (the protagonist) must figure out what to do with his life after his spoiled and secluded life is shattered by a younger, more handsome man whom his sugar daddy likes more.

Whistling in the dark by Tamara Allen

You don’t often see a gay male romance getting a 97% five star rating on Amazon – but Whistling in the Dark did. Tamara Allen’s richly colored post WWI world is a scene where the romance between Jack and Sutton. Set against the post war mood of America, Whistling in the Dark deals with rejection, acceptance, romance and music.

Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin by Andrew Wilson

It’s been five years since the unfortunate death of iconic fashion designer Alexander McQueen – and Andrew Wilson leads us through interviews with his closest friends and confidants, family and associates, images of high class society and world of high fashion, only to present McQueen as an ordinary human who sought love and acceptance. It’s a compelling story of struggle, humble beginnings and ultimate success which can bring out the worst in people.

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