Deutsche Bahn ad: Cute and adorable!

When we’re talking about sports in general, and football in particular, it’s very difficult to name even few football players who’re out – the pressure from both peers and fans can be overwhelming, and that’s why a lot of gay athletes decided to stay in the closet, rather than out. Or, in some cases, they come out after their professional careers have ended. From mainstream stars like Christano Ronaldo (who was rumored to be gay and in a relationship with a kick-boxer), to athletes like Keegan Hirst and Luke McAvoy, we’re having more and more out athletes every year.

This adorable ad for Deutsche Bahn (German railways) will bring a few tears to your eyes – it shows a professional football player who is supported by his boyfriend, who goes to all of his matches and cheers loudly.

Heartwarming ad from Germany!

Heartwarming ad from Germany!

And since Deutsche Bahn are known for its punctuality, be sure to use them when you’re travelling to Germany with your new boyfriend thanks to!

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