What Sean Hayes has to say of Jack McFarland?

Way before Modern Family started showing us Cam & Mitchell, there were Will & Grace… and though the sitcom was about a straight woman (Grace) and her friendship with her best gay friend (Will), Jack McFarland, flamboyant side character often stole the show.  Even though the show went off the air years before, Sean Hayes, who played Jack, came out only a few years ago – and just now decided to honestly speak about his experiences.

About the fandom of Will & Grace: “I’ll never forget this one letter from this woman. She said, ‘I think the show is horrible. I think gay people should go to hell. I think what you’re doing is terrible, and by the way, it’s the funniest show on TV, and I never miss an episode.”

I regret not coming out sooner and helping more people, and I regret not coming out during the show. Everybody in the gay community knew I was gay, but it was this fight I had with the press because they want you to come out on their terms, and other gay people want you to come out on their terms, and if you don’t come out on their terms you’re just an asshole, and you’re wrong. Well, each individual human being has a lot of stuff that nobody knows about. Nobody knows what anybody else is going through at any point in their lives.”

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