Meet Chris Burns, the only openly gay basketball coach in Division I!

When Chris Burns came out last year (somewhere in October 2015), he couldn’t even imagine that he’ll get an overwhelming public response about his decision to come out. He recently spoke with USA Today about his experiences – check out the video!

I so strongly regret how long it took me to get to Oct. 7, 2015. For so many years, I let fear control every aspect of me. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make this year of my life all the more special, because of my rejuvenated spirit and rekindling of the things I used to cherish so much.”

In the past year, I have felt the freedom of what it’s like to make jokes with the people in my life about my “type.” I have brought dates around friends and family, and I have felt peace in social situations in which I was previously calculated and uptight. Today, some of my favorite moments are when friends ask me a question about my personal life. Whether the question is simple or complex, I find immense pleasure in my ability to answer truthfully and without shame. Those moments of freedom are the ones for which I have been waiting my entire adult life.”

Certainly so much of my life is different, but over the past year so much of it has been the same. That’s all I’ve ever wanted — to be me, and to not be identified by my sexuality, but by the character and personality that the people around me had always loved. The struggle certainly helped shape who I am today, and I’m so very lucky that the person who came out of this is someone the kids I coach, the people I work with, my friends and family, and most important of all myself, is proud of.”

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