Boyfriend material: Sorry, Max Emerson is taken!


Remember Max Emerson? The talented and hunky YouTuber made us laugh plenty of times, especially when he did Max’s Underpants videos:

And who can forget the famous Episode Six, which has more than quarter of a million views!

This time, dear reader, he’s in the spotlight for an entirely different reason – his boyfriend! Max has been keeping his hot boyfriend away from the spotlight, but just announced he and his boyfriend will be travelling across the US and A during the Pride Month – and his boyfriend is, make no mistake, even hotter than him!

Andres is a National Guard soldier and a real cutie; he added that he’s “coming out to the military” thanks to their video! They’re planning to do a series of YouTube videos to showcase how people celebrate Prides across the country – we’re eagerly waiting to see them soon!

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