Grindr, we don’t like you: Whisper stories!

What’s our favorite site where anyone can vent some steam and complain about the things that are bugging him? Whisper, of course! And this time, dear reader, it’s time to check out what guys really think of Grindr – the gay dating app that became the integral part of gay men’s lives everywhere, but is quickly becoming a source of disappointment and discontent.


I spend 3 hours a day chatting on grindr with strangers i know I'll forget about the next day
I may be ignored by many guys on Grindr but well,Im still cute just the way I am.
I feel so proud of the fact I've decided to respect myself and my only body, I deleted my grindr account and I'm 100% okay with that.
Proud of myself  for deleting  my grindr...... its been an unhealthy addiction  for way too long
My Grindr pic is next to naked... But I'll likely sleep with less than a fourth of the guys I chat with.
The person that used to bully me for being gay just messaged me on Grindr.
I hate grindr. I've never felt as bad about my body as I do when I'm on there...
I fail at being gay. I'm a kind, intelligent, and decent looking guy that can't even manage to hookup on freaking Grindr.
Every time my Grindr auto-renews for another year, I'm reminded of what a miserable failure my dating life is.
I want to have sex all the time but grindr hookups scare me. I'm cute and get offers but that's just not me.
Grindr is kind of torture. It's like "hey here's a bunch of sexy guys who are stupid close and way out of your league!" At least that's how I see it.


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