Halloween wins: Hot costumes!

One of the biggest upsides of Halloween is that we get to check out hot guys during autumn! With that in mind, you might wanna find your cute guy on yec.com – and travel to warmer parts of the globe if you don’t like winter – but in the meantime, check out some of the hottest Halloween costumes we managed to find!

Jock boy: a bit traditional when it comes to gay costumes, but always a win!

Superheroes? Yes please, especially with those abs!

Playboy bunnies? Yes yes and yes!

We’re not sure if this is something from Twilight or Rocky Horror (kudos to the latter and yuck to the former) but nonetheless, it’s superb!

Captain America? This is ever better than the movies!

Granted, we’re not seeing his abs, but with all that cuteness…

If sheriffs look like that, it’s time we all get a speeding ticket or go to jail!

These must be the hottest dead men ever!

Gentleman, behave!

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