Adele does it again: Two gay dads + baby on stage!


We’re already used to Adele supporting gay couples and gay rights by now – we all remember how she helped a guy propose his boyfriend a few months ago in Denmark. But this time Adele went a step beyond the proposal: she shared the stage with a gay couple and their baby!


It all happened during her Toronto concert at the beginning of October – we’re not sure how exactly did the guys get invited, but it’s nonetheless heartwarming to see them and their beautiful offspring share the stage with Adele – who hasn’t missed the opportunity to take some selfies with the guys and their cute baby!


And if you’re wondering why Toronto is always high on our gay travel lists, it’s a no brainer – check out what we have previously written about this beautiful Canadian city and why you should definitely register at and travel there with a cute, hot guy from Canada!


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