Blast from the past: Hotness on Waikiki beach!

We’ve already covered Hawaii as one of the most sought-after gay wedding destinations and told you where to go to have a great drink and ogle at hot guys! But if you really wish to visit, it’s time to become a member of and find your cute Hawaiian – or just a guy who wants to visit this beautiful state! And while we’re enjoying in autumn colors, it’s time to remember how hot guys used to show their goods on the Waikiki beach during the ’80-es and ’90-es!

Thanks to photographer Alan Light, this part of gay history was recorded by the watchful eye of his camera.

I started taking Waikiki, Hawaii beach photos in early 1987, and have continued to do so every time I am there. I have never been able to just relax and lay in the sun for hours–it’s too boring. So I started walking up and down the beach with my camera. Looking back on the photos today you notice how swimsuit styles have changed. Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s many guys wore tiny speedos and thongs. Very few do today.”


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