Halloween gay costumes: Best ideas!

Is there a better holiday than Halloween? You can always find a cute guy on yec.com… and then you two can go to some Halloween party together! Check out these costume ideas which will help you decide what to wear for this fun holiday!

This one is pretty much a classic:

Cute sailor boys never go out of style:

Though Twilight mania has subsided, we’re always welcoming the concept of hot vampires:

We don’t really care what they are – there are too many abs to count!

Hot cop? That’s always a good idea:

Frat boys or jocks? Whatever… they’re hot!

Walking dead? Zombies? Whatever the costumes are, they’re truly reflecting the Halloween spirit!

Star Wars fans!

It’s super mega cool to see mature guys having fun during Halloween – and in such hot costumes!

Weren’t Mario bros plumbers? These guys can clean our pipes any day!

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