Calum McSwiggan: Talented, interesting and gay!


Ever heard of Calum McSwiggan? YouTube’s rising star talks about LGBT issues and lifestyle choices a lot, and entertains us with his funny videos such is this one:

His videos are usually both interesting and educational (there is one with George Takei), and he has worked with a number of charities (like Switchboard LGBT and Terrence Higgins Trust). But there were rumors of Calum doing some work in adult entertainment in his younger days, and we all know that when the great eye of Internet turns towards you, there is no escape.

So, Calum decided to come clean and explained that he did cam shows as a way to get some money after he lost his job. After a few weeks, he noted that he earned more than enough money, but the lure of easy money was too strong.

YouTube video – no, it’s not adult entertainment!

YouTube video – no, it’s not adult entertainment!

The main issue is that Calum had unprotected sex in those videos – and now works for the safe sex charity. As he noted: “At the time I genuinely believed we were safe because we owned the copyright to the show, and it was all live. But obviously people made illegal recordings of it and spread it everywhere, and now it comes back to haunt me every single day. Friends and acquaintances and even [viewers] keep finding these videos, and it’s a constant reminder of a time I’d rather forget.”




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