Buenos Aires: Romantic things to do!

We’ve already covered Buenos Aires as one of the most welcoming gay wedding destinations in Americas – but as a yec.com traveler it’d be nice of you to remember that you can also have fun as both couples and singles in this fantastic city! Check out which romantic things you can do with you YEC buddy while you’re enjoying in Buenos Aires!


When you’re in Argentina, tango is always on the table! In other words: there’s no chance you won’t be doing some tango while you’re there!

San Telmo Sunday Market

San Telmo Sunday Market is the perfect chance to feel the pulse of the city – who knows, you might find something really interesting and valuable for you and your man!


“Estancia” is a cattle ranch – and if you visit one, you can try the poncho and become a gaucho – Argentinian cowboy! And who doesn’t love a good cowboy romance, do tell?

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